Tuesday, May 10, 2011

37 Weeks Pregnant~Full Term!

How Far Along?  37 Weeks (9 months)..full term..I can't believe it!!

Movements?  Still feeling her move around..definately not as much as several weeks ago.  I can tell she's running out of room!

Dr. Appts?  My last one on friday went well.  I asked my mid-wife a boatload of questions and she's so nice to take the time to answer everything.  I'm so glad I have a mid-wife..I've heard regular drs aren't so 'free' with their time.  She also set us up over at the hospital to take a tour which I really enjoyed!  Seeing as I had never even stepped foot into the hospital I'll be delivering at..it was really nice to see how everything is set up..what the rooms are like..safety precautions they take for the babies, etc.  I was very pleased! 

What I'm looking forward to?  Seeing my little girl..I'm ready to meet her BADLY! 

What I miss most?  Funny one..I actually am starting to miss my 'old' wardrobe!!  You know..you just can't have a closet full of maternity clothing..so everything is limited as to what you can or can't wear.  I'll be glad when I can wear regular clothes (especially shirts!!) again! 

Discomforts?  Heartburn.  Ugh..just when you think it can't get any worse, it does!!  Sleep has been going better.  I actually put myself into a more 'normal' routine last week and its helped alot!  I'm going to bed at a more 'normal' time now and getting up somewhere around 830-9am.  Thats pretty unreal for me considering I'd been on Damons hootowl shift with him for so many years and was sleeping in half the day!

Preparations?  I've begun washing alot of her clothes, bedding, etc.  I still have quite a bit to do in that area.  Her mirror still needs hung in her bedroom (not a big deal) and her carset needs to be put in (big deal!).  We'll get that stuff taken care of this week.  I've also been hitting up yard sales off and on lately..trying to get things I either didn't have or didn't feel I had enough of.  Went to one yesterday and found a small diaper bag..yes!!  Definately something I was needing!!

Gifts?  Still getting things from people off and on. Want to thank Callie for the cute burp cloths she sent me last week..that was a nice suprise!!!!!



  1. Woohoo! Full term! How exciting! And I'm glad you got the burp clothes. :-)

  2. hi melanie!

    won't be long now:) you look lovely and im sure you are ready to be back in the pre preg clothes:)

  3. You look absolutely beautiful girl! Miss Makayla will be here before you know it!

    Love ya all!


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