Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Coal Mining Man

That's what my honey bear looks like when he comes home from work in the mornings!  Some days..he's got more coal dust on his face than others..just depends on what he's done at work the night before.  I'm so proud of him for what he does for us.  His job isn't the easiest, its not the most glamorous (by any means), and its certainly not considered a 'safe' job.  It can be a downright dangerous job at times and he's seen his share of dangerous conditions and been hurt a few times as well.  I pray for him every night when he leaves and have learned I HAVE to trust that God will watch over him.  If I didn't have my faith, I'd literally go crazy with worry for him.  He has a passion for his job..its one of those love/hate relationships you might say.  While I know he does like what he does for a living, its like anything else in has its aggrevations as well.  Damon LOVES this song he found a while back online..its about coal mining..and I think it suits him as well as our home state of West Virginia quite well.  Hope you'll check it out..anymore the song makes me cry when I really listen to the words.  I love you bear!



  1. Aw, that's sweet, Melanie. I'm sure coal mining would be a tough job!

  2. YIKES! He must need a good shower after work.. my hubby does too (he's a plumber)

  3. It is not those doing the glamorous jobs in this country that keep it going, it is hard working men like yours. May God watch over him and your family. Congratulations on the little one.

  4. Hey Girl,

    You have a great guy there girl.. he is hard working and takes good care of you and miss makayla...its guys like him that are a great example of hard working really means.

    I'm so proud of both of you because girl its women like you that are great examples of what a good wife are and girl you are going to be a wonderful mom too!


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