Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Babies Everywhere!

Its so exciting to see how many babies are being born here lately on 'blogland'!  It also makes me know that 'my turn' in line is coming up very quickly!!  I *almost* got stressed last night thinking about it..about being a new mom and all my new responsibilities that will come with it.  But then I decided I'd better stop cause that kind of thinking gets a person no-where fast!!  It will all fall into place and I hope that the mothering instinct kicks into high gear for me.  Why you might ask?  Some might find this funny..now that I'm about ready to pop..but I've never been around kids..let alone infants..most of my life.  I've held like 2 babies I think.  Never changed a diaper (gasp!).  I've never settled down a crying baby.  And I'm 32..go figure..lol!  BUT..it'll just make each experience I have with Makayla that much more memorable.  I'll actually be able to tell her that her dirty diaper was the first momma ever changed in her life (something I'm sure she'll just love me telling the story about when she's older..ha!).  And I'll tell her I cried the first time I saw her (something I'm sure will probably happen) and how much more better she's made mine and daddy's life.  I can't wait for her arrival..yet I'm scared too.  Guess thats normal?

Anyways, I can't help but melt each time I see these precious faces online.  Those of my bloggy friends and their new little ones!!  Each one has their own individual story of how everything came to be..each little one his/her own personality.  And the best part..since I'm a newbie to this mommy stuff..I can go to them and ask plenty of questions and get some nice feedback!!  I'm going to list the mommies and babies on here from firstborn to even those who are behind me in their pregnancies and you can go check out their blogs if you don't already know them.  And you can see first hand how precious their little ones are!!

Ashleigh with baby Lilleigh

Mrs. A with baby Carys

Callie with baby Wyatt

Monica with baby Cohen

Jenn with baby Evin

Rachel with baby Henry

And these are babies that are soon to make their presense into the world!

Chloe and baby ?

Emily and baby Georgia

Me and baby Makayla

Page and baby ?

Venessa and baby DLC

Miranda and baby Kate

Cait and baby ?



  1. Thanks for the link, Melanie! It does seem like there are babies everywhere in blog land this year!

    And you are going to make a great mom! Being nervous is totally normal, but so much just comes naturally when you have your own baby - don't worry!

  2. Aww thanks for the shout out Melanie :)
    You will be a fantastic mom the fact that you're worried about being a good mom proves that :)

  3. Hey Girl,

    I think its normal for a first time mom to be nervous and abit scared, but I know you are gonna be a wonderful mom to little makayla and that the mothering instinct will kick right in when you see her for the very first time.

    Wow..there sure are alot of little ones born and ready to be born soon here on blog land...lol! congrats to each and everyone of them and melanie congrats to who I know is gonna be one of the best mommies ever with her makayla..YOU!

    I'm so excited for you more than I can even say...lol!

  4. Can't wait for you to join!!! And wow I've been out of the loop in blog land! ;)


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