Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


I am SO MAD at Hobby Lobby!!  I went in on saturday with the intent on purchasing Makayla's cutie little lamp I found weeks ago but low and behold their flyers in the store didn't have the 40% off coupon printed on had to print the coupon yourself from home.  ARRGG!  There was no way I was going to pay full price (hello 50 bucks) for it so I had to let it go.  My new plan, print said coupon, give to my mom, let her pick it up next time she's over that way..since yeah..I probably won't be seeing a Hobby Lobby for quite a while now that Makayla's arrival is right around the corner.  I'm still bummed.


Damon caught a couple trout in the creek by our house last week.  Yay!  I was so glad he got to have some fishing fun for himself..he rarely gets to do that.  Here is his great 'catch'..other than me that is...ha!


While out on saturday, I got quite the pampering!!  New haircut (which I'm still
 adjusting to) and my very first spa pedicure!!  Oh happy day!!  I loved the pedicure and can't wait to do it again..whenever that may be!  My hair..well..I was expecting to have a little more, length-wise, than what I was left with.  My fault for not paying attention to the stylist when she showed me how much she was going to take off after I showed her myself how much I wanted off.  If that makes sense.  :-/  Anyways..its not too bad and I found today that I like it best styled curly..or au naturel for me!  What do y'all think?

And my cute pedi!


Since it is springtime..thought y'all might like to take a sneak peak of my hanging flowers on my front porch!  I picked them up a couple weeks ago when I went out w/my mom to get Mother's Day flowers and meet with a pediatrician for Makayla.  I have 2 on my front porch that are identical.  The large pot we just bought over the weekend to transplant my 'hair' into.  Yes..I said 'my hair'.  I don't know what this thing is called..but I always said it reminded me of my hair..long and thick and slightly wild!  The planter box we had it in before was quickly rotting a large pot was in order.  I like it much better this way!

Hope your having a wonderful monday!!



  1. Hobby Lobby can be frustrating sometimes . . . I wanted to get a little airplane for Wyatt's nursery from them before he was born, but the lady insisted that the wooden airplanes weren't on sale, it was only every other home accent in the store - ugh! Same day i found out that I had blood pressure issues too - ha!
    Love the pedicure - how fun! Now you'll have pretty toes for the hospital. :-) I can't believe it's getting so close!

  2. Love the pedi! :) I had the French done, too, when Brie treated me back in February. I will have another one of these days. It was SO relaxing. :)

    The hanging basket is gorgeous! I had similar ones last year or the year before. As for the vine in the planter, it looks like a type of vinca vine. I usually get some of that to trail from my window boxes.

  3. Forgot to say your hair looks great! :) I love the waves/curl you have!

  4. I think your hair looks long and great! I'm going tomorrow and I pray I'll like it too.

    Love your pedi!

    Bless you!

  5. That totally stinks about the Hobby Lobby thing! So frustrating!!!! That's happened to me before too.. Love your haircut! And your pedicure looks awesome! I want to go get MY toes done now ;)

  6. Hey,

    Your hair looks really pretty girl. It looks great!

    The hanging baskets are gorgeous and that pedi you got is great! That hobby lobby stinks...sorry you couldn't get the lamp but hopefully your mom can get it for you when you give her the coupon and things.


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