Tuesday, May 17, 2011

38 Weeks!

How far along?  38 weeks, 1 day

Movements?  Still moving around alot..I can feel her feet way up high and her head way down low!  Makes me wonder how long she really is!

Uncomfortable moments?  Last week it felt like she 'dropped'.  Can we say ouch?  Was in the middle of the night and my hips were literally killing me.  I felt like crying.  I've also been having braxton hicks contractions at times.  Some are stronger than others.  I had a really strong one sunday evening.  I also had another 'breakdown' on Damon the other night.  Being uncomfortable all the time tends to wear on the emotions I've found.  :-(

Doctor Appts?  Went in yesterday and things are looking great!  My blood pressure was high at first (like always).  It went down by the end of my appointment (130/88).  I think it freaked out the first nurse who took my blood pressure..I hadn't had her before and she didn't know that I'm more stressed at the beginning of an appointment than at the end. 

Weight Gain?  Ugh..33 total now.  I am needing to lay off the Schwan's ice cream I think!

Cravings?  Nothing really (other than the Schwans ice cream..its soooooo good!)..still loving cold water.

What I miss most?  Being comfortable.  Wearing a ring on my right hand.  Shaving my legs with ease. 

What I'm looking forward to most?  Meeting my little girl..I can't WAIT!

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  1. Bless your heart! I remember that discomfort all too well. :( Just keep that chin up and know that it will be worth every second of lost sleep, every moment of back and hip pain, every emotional up and down. Really it will be! Hope you are able to relax some in these last days of your pregnancy.

  2. gosh i gave birth at 38 weeks! you look amazing! :)

  3. I love the belly pictures! How fun. You look great, and 33 pounds isn't bad at all!

  4. Almost there! I so did not think we would be home with baby DLC before you! But I can not wait to see baby M! Dont worry about the weight...you are GROWING A HUMAN! That is kind of a big deal :)


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