Friday, February 10, 2012

Got me a haircut!

Its not really spectacular or anything..but I was in such a bad need of one!  I actually got my hair cut not that long ago (like right before Christmas or right after?) but the lady in the salon I went to actually did NOT want to cut my hair the way I wanted!  She basically refused!  Can you believe that?  All I wanted was a regular trim and layers put in (I always have em') but she wouldn't do the layers..said it would 'make my hair go poof'.  She sounded German too when she spoke (no..I'm not racist..just sayin').  So I left..dissatisfied.  I had never had my hair cut and the sylist not want to take off what I wanted before..that was a definate first for me.  Now I have however had a stylist take off WAY more than what I asked for!  Oh boy..those would have been some before and after photos had I taken any!  Yikes!!  Once it was so bad, I didn't get my hair cut for a year.  But anyways..lovin' my hair now!!


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  1. That's awful! My mom has been to a hair stylist who wouldn't cut her hair how she wanted.. and she never went back! haha


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