Thursday, February 23, 2012

It should be ILLEGAL!!

I'm going to go on a bit of a 'rant' today about something I experienced yesterday.  Why is it people..even those who are friendly/neighborly/etc..think its EVER appropriate to use curse words in front of a child???  I was talking with someone and that person was telling me about something that had happened.  Said person was telling me about this child they had babysat and how he had used a curse word (and said it front of Makayla!) and was laughing about it.  I didn't honestly know what to say!!!  I now feel SO BADLY for not speaking up and telling this person to please not use profane words in front of my baby.  Needless to say..lesson learned.  From now on..I am going to speak up if something like this ever happens again.  I feel badly, as a Christian, for not standing up for what I believe in. 

I just think it should be illegal to teach a child or say in front of a child profane language.  Its what is wrong with alot of our youth today.  They learn these horrible words at such an early age and think it should be part of their everyday vocabulary.  Now granted, I know they learn from other kids too, not just adults.  But the kiddos do learn alot from their parents and more than likely, the ones that are teaching the other kids this kind of language have learned it from an adult figure.  I can't say a whole lot though, when I was younger (before I gave my life to God), I was really bad to use that kind of language.  But..I didnt learn it from my parents..I learned it from others my age.  At the time, it was a 'cool' thing.  Looking back now, I don't know how I ever managed to think something like that was 'cool'. 

Have you ever been in a situation like this?  What did you do?  And would you have handled it differently?



  1. that's awful! Especially because you don't want your child's first word to be a curse word. A friend of mine's brother-in-law was teaching her 2-year old to say curse words when he watched him because he thought it was hilarious. She repeatedly told him to stop because Cohen started saying them when he would talk. Terrible!

  2. That is awful! It always makes me cringe to hear people use that kind of language, and it's just do sad when little kids say those words!


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