Monday, February 20, 2012

Miscellany for your Monday!

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{ONE}  I had a lovely weekend!!  Me and my lil' family headed to Charleston (as usual..thats about the only place we can get to in the wintertime to shop!) and did some shopping!  Let me tell you..Makayla made out like a bandit!  Here are a couple goodies she came back with....

{TWO} Having said that..we only had to pay for the swing!  Let me explain so you don't think we stole anything..ha!  I was going through my purse and wallet Friday night (I got a new one that I was transferring things to) and came across 2 Walmart gift cards and probably 4 or 5 phone cards that I use when we're on vacation.  Well..I called the number on the backs of each to see if anything was left on all of them.  Low and behold..the one walmart gift card had a little over $70 on it!!  Can we say jackpot??!!  I was so suprised..but then again once I thought about it..I think that baby has been in my wallet since like 2008.  So sad it sat there all that time just waiting to be used!  We won a raffle at the company picnic Damon worked for that particular year (the GRAND prize) and thats what was left on the card after I apparently 'forgot' about it.  Such perfect timing though because we'd been wanting to get her a wagon!  Now she's set for spring!

{THREE}  Our lovely weather forecasters once again missed the mark.  We were predicted to get around 6-12 inches of snow today.  When I woke up..we had a bare ground.  The white stuff did start coming down this evening but we only got probably 2-3 inches, roughly guessing.  Am I bummed..YES!  I am one of the minority around here who loves seeing snow..this winter has been a disappointment for sure..BUT I know God has a time and place for everything!

{FOUR}  Last week after doing a post the previous week on a topic most moms out there can relate to (feeling underappreciated) I felt totally led by God to do something.  I'm not going to give out any details just yet..but be on the lookout for RAK once again (Random Acts of Kindness).  :-DD

{FIVE}  And in case your wondering..we did survive our battle from last week with the dreaded stomach bug/food poisoning/chest cold/sinus infection.  What a week it was but we're both doing great now!!  Praise God for health and healing!!

{SIX} One last note..on Saturday I did go to yet ANOTHER consignment sale!  Man I can't get enough of those!!  Had fun once again and got some tops, one dress, and a couple jammies for Makayla for this spring/summer.  She's definately set in the clothing department!  There is another sale coming up the weekend after next..and this one is for adults. 

Can't you just see the smile on my face?


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