Monday, February 27, 2012

N.I.N.E Months!

Wow..I can't believe my Makayla G is already 9 months (as of Friday)!  3 more to 1 year?  Ok..lets not go there..this momma doesn't even WANT to think about my baby being a year old..not yet!!!  Miss Makayla has been up to alot are some things she's been doing....
  • Rolls around like CRAZY..though she's been doing this for some time
  • Trying to army crawl
  • Standing with assistance for a good length of time
  • Eating like a pro
  • Talking up a storm
  • Waving "bye-bye"
  • Teething (uuuggghhhhhhhhhh)
She still doesn't have her first tooth..but thats ok by me.  But boy..the teething process is in full swing and ugh..I might actually be glad when her teeth do start popping through just so we can get past the uncomfortableness (is that a word?)!  This past week, she has been waking up in the middle of the night..sometimes numerous a full out hysterical cry..tears and all.  I can get her calmed back down quick and back to sleep fast but boy does it make for some long nights for momma!  She's rubbing her gums ALOT..drooling ALOT..chewing ALOT.  It can't be much longer, right??  I'm buying some Camilia teething drops for her..hoping that helps.  Anyone have any other ideas?  I've read about the amber teething necklaces and am intrigued..but skeptical and concerned about safety as well.  I'd love to hear your input if you've tried these!!!  Oh and I also ordered her some new teething rings I found online the other night..they are made by the people who makes the Sophie the Giraffe teether (which we also have)..and get this..are suppost to smell like vanilla! 

Makayla is eating like a pro..her schedule goes something like this in a day's time..for any of you momma's out there who might be curious how a 9 month old eats (at least mine does anyways)!  And of course, everday is not the same as the day before!

Wakes up anywhere from 6am-9am (I know..big variation..but I'm basing this on this week..and she's been way off this week..6am is not her 'norm') and nurses..then back to sleep

Wakes up again around 930am-1130am (again..big variation..but it depends on when she woke up the first time).

Eats breakfast around 1130-noon..few tablespoons of baby oatmeal and a few tablespoons (3 ice cubes) of homemade baby food..followed by a couple oz. of juice in a bottle.

Nurse around 1pm..then an hour nap..if I'm lucky!

Bottle of juice.

More baby food (again..3 ice cubes) around 4-5pm. 

Nurse around 630pm..followed by an hour nap.

More baby food (2-3 ice cubes) around 8pm..and finishes off her juice she's been working on.

Bathtime at 9pm followed by a full bottle of breast milk (sometimes has a touch of formula mixed in if it needs 'topped off')..and bed around 930pm.

We need to work on the whole juice thing.  She likes it a little 'too' much.  It started out as us giving it to her to help her be able to 'go' when she started on baby food.  You know how it changes their bathroom habits when they start solids!!  OH MY!!  So juice was the easy answer.  I'd like for her to drink water instead of the juice..but she HATES it when I try giving her water!!!  I think I'm going to start gradually watering her juice down (moreso than I do now..its not solid 100% juice she drinks..I've always watered it down) until she's having just water..maybe I can trick her that way?  We'll see!!

Makayla's likes:
wagon rides
stroller rides
her new carseat
kitty cats
potato chips (I know..I
rolling, sitting, standing, playing

Makayla's dislikes
getting dried off
getting face cleaned
when book time is over and its time for bed
loud noises

Baby Girl,

You are growing up so fast I just can't believe it sometimes.  I love watching you grow and seeing the world through your eyes.  You are SUCH a joy to me and your daddy and we love you more than we could have ever imagined.  I look forward to seeing  you grow and be a healthy, smart, and God-fearing young woman.  Mommy loves you!!



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