Thursday, February 9, 2012

Homemade baby legwarmers!

This is something I so wanted to try making myself after seeing several pairs on etsy.  They looked like they'd be so simple to make myself without having to dish out $15 + a pair.  And after doing some searches on google..I found a simple tutorial on how to make them..with a pair of womens knee high socks (hello $2 a pair at Target)!!  I made Makayla several are the end products..with my little stylish girl modeling them for you!


(slimming black!)

(pink plaid)



  1. those are so cute! and she is a great little model ;)

  2. how did you make them?

    I saw the tag and I promise I will get to it this weekend!

    Oh, and I have started getting the that wrong?

  3. Such a great idea! They look adorable! I make tons of stuff for my kiddos but never even thought to try these, gonna have to now!


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