Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some Crazy Randoms

I've been a bit M.I.A. on blogger since the weekend (yesterdays post was already scheduled from several days before)..so forgive me for being a bit behind on everything around here!  Here is what has been going on since the weekend up until now around our house.....

  • As you saw from my previous post..my baby turned 9 months old!!  The time flies!!  Thanks for all your sweet comments from that post..I enjoyed each one of them!
  • My sweet baby also got her first cold!!!  And I got it too..on the same day..ugh!!!  Talk about bad timing!  Damon has been sick for about 2 weeks with a lingering cold and it finally made its way to me and the little one, unfortunately.  We're doing ok now..she's alot better than I am but I'm fine with that.  I'd rather be sick than her, anyday.  Its the hardest thing in the world to see your child sick.  I got her a cool mist humidifier yesterday, an automatic "boogey sucker", as I call it, and some saline spray which I haven't had to use (thank goodness..she already hates it when I come at her with something to suction her nose.  The humidifier worked wonders last night.  The night before that she couldn't sleep (laying flat) due to the congestion..so she had to sleep in her bouncy chair in the living room with me on the couch beside her.  Last night she slept thru the night..it was wonderful! 
  • Due to the colds going around here, I haven't slept well.  Even before we both came down with the colds we have..I had a few nights of restlessness..so last nights sleep for me couldn't have came at a better time!!!  Pray for us that this continues!!
  • Last week before all this sickness started, I was in the process of starting some R.A.K tagging and accomplished 2 out of 3 goals.  I have to say..it was well worth it! The wonderful posts by Venessa and Callie after receiving the cards I sent to them as my way of showing a random act of kindess totally made my day!!  I wasn't expecting to be blessed (I was thinking more of them being the ones who felt uplifted), but it really touched my heart tremendoulsy!  If you don't follow or read their blogs, go check them out here and here.
  • On a totally different note..if you know me very well you know I'm a HUGE follower of NASCAR.  I was so bummed that I was too tired last night to finish watching the end of the Daytona 500..especially when I saw this morning when I checked sportscenter that my driver, Matt Kenseth, WON!!!  Way to go Matt!!  Maybe it was a good thing I didn't see the ending..I would have probably ended up hollering at the tv screen cheering my driver on and woke up Makayla!  The crash involving Juan Pablo and the dryer truck was SO crazy..I'd never seen anything like that in my life!!
More to come tomorrow (Lord willing)..my cold is taking over at the moment and I'm having to cut this post a little shorter than I anticipated.  Until then............



  1. You are such a blessing to me, Melanie! Thank you again for the RAK tag, I'm excited about it! And I hope you feel better soon - colds are no fun. :-/

  2. yuck momma I hope you feel better soon!


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