Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Momma's Day!

Around here.."Momma's Day" was a 3 day celebration!

On saturday, Damon, Makayla, and myself all went to Beckley for the day.  I would give Makayla credit for picking out my 'big' mother's day present..but she was with me when Daddy got it!  Gotta say..my man still has amazing taste!

Sunday was church, as usual.  Our church always gives out flowers to all the mothers in attendance, with the oldest and youngest moms receiving a hanging basket of flowers.  Even though we have a VERY small church, I had never won for the 'youngest' mom.  Someone always showed up that was younger than me (after all, I am in my 30's).  This time though, me and my friend Margaret were both in attendance.  We are extremely close in age.  Like weeks apart, literally (with me being older).  So I figured well, Margaret will win this year.  She is very deserving of it though, she does alot for her son and is always putting his needs above her own.  She is a great example of how a mom should be.
So it was a huge suprise to me that when everyone was trying to determine who was older, Margaret let me win.  She was trying not to make a big deal about it (everyone was getting VERY confused!), but I later learned from her that she had it planned that way all along.  Coming to church that morning, she knew what was going to take place, and she wanted me to win.
Even though it was 'just' a basket of flowers, it made my day.

These flowers mean a great deal to me.  Why, you ask?  For years (yes, years!) before I became pregnant with Makayla, this particular church service always tugged at my heart.  I wanted to be a mom deep down for longer than I sometimes give myself credit for.  After each mother's day service would end, year after year, I kinda just pushed the feelings I would have aside saying to myself 'its just the emotional factor that mothers have playing on me'. 

Being a mom, I've found, has been the most greatest blessing in my life aside from becoming a Christian.  There is no words to describe how much I love being a mom, how much I loved carrying a child within me, and how much I love my child. 

On monday, I celebrated with my own momma!  We just made it simple, with some homemade mango carrot cake for dessert.  I love my mom, I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes!!
I hope all of you had a wonderful momma's day too!


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