Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hiding a breaker box...

So last week when I did my laundry room reveal..I didn't quite have it 100% finished.  I was in the middle of working on the 'cover' I was making for the breaker box when I was stung by that wasp.

I spent the rest of the week recovering.

But by the weekend, I jumped back into it and completed my project! Success!!  I originally got the idea on pinterest somewhere.  What we basically did was buy some trim at Lowe's that looked like what you'd use for a picture frame (you could use whatever suited your tastes, obviously), cut it to size and pieced it together, painted it to match the decor, and I hot glued some wonderful stuff I found at Hobby Lobby to the back....

What I was left with was a genius, if I do say so myself, way to hide the dreaded breaker box!!!!

Currently, I have it hanging up with command strips.  But I'm planning on changing that out shortly.  Because while I can still get it down when necessary, it would be much easier if I used some adhesive backed magnets.  I started to buy some, but couldn't justify the cost and then later realized, they weren't much more than the command strips I bought.  So I might as well do it with the magnets because it would make taking it down MUCH easier. 
And I wanted to add this for comparison purposes..but I went looking through my old files and found a picture when I had painted my laundry room the FIRST orange.  I gotta say..what a difference!!


But isn't the breaker box cover neat??  My mom saw it and was very impressed.  I think she's wanting one for hers now.  Look out dad..looks like a project is comin' your way!



  1. wow! it look so different, but I love it!! Great work and love how you did the breaker box!


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