Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Something new...

Last week was pretty darn exciting in our household!  Why..you ask?  We got ourselves a brand new sectional for the living room!  Anyone who follows me on facebook knows all about it..but for my blogger friends..I wanted to share the joy with y'all as well!

I was beyond thrilled when we did our income taxes this year.  Actually, in tears.  With the really rough year we had in 2012 with Damon's unemployment for the majority of the year, plus some personal stuff (you know how that is!), I figured Uncle Sam would stomp us in the ground a little bit more.

Like we needed it.

To my suprise, we came out of the H&R Block office in very high spirits!  We were in desperate need of a new couch and I knew exactly how our payoff was going to be spent. 

I didn't take photos of our old couch..but it was in shambles.  Two holes had developed in the last couple months on one of the top cushions (no hiding it) and everytime you tried to lay down on it you could feel the bars (the ones that are built in for the reclining mechanism) through the cushions.  Even though it wasn't THAT old, it might as well of been.  Blame it on cheap design!

But this is what is now gracing our living room..and oh my..it is comfortable and soft!!



  1. It's BEAUTIFUL! Love it! The pillows are adorable, too! I'm so happy you guys were able to purchase something you really needed and can enjoy! :)

  2. Oo, it looks great! I love your coffee table too, very nice!


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