Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Sunny" Sunglasses Giveaway!

Hello all!!  One of my favorite online eyewear websites, Firmoo, has contacted me yet again to see if I'd be interested in hosting a sunglasses giveaway since summertime is right upon us!

Why sure, says myself! if your new to firmoo or have never heard of them before, they are an online optical company.  Basically, they have all sorts of eyeglasses, both prescription and non-prescription, sunglasses, and you can even tint regular glasses to make your very own 'customized' pair of shades!  They are all available at GREAT prices too!  Just like going to your local eye glasses store, but virtual! 

But how can I try on glasses if its online and know they will fit or look right? 

Great question!  Firmoo has a 'virtual' try-on feature on their website.  Basically, all you do is upload a picture of yourself (without glasses on, of course) to their site, and then you can 'try on' any pair of glasses they have!  Pretty neat, huh? 

Placing orders and tracking your glasses once they are en route is totally simple as well.  So whats the catch, you ask?  Nothing!  They are truely a great company to deal with and have awesome products.  Just check out these cool frames..I'm in looove!



Ready to enter?  SIX winners will receive a $20 sunglasses e-voucher EACH..thats six winners y'all!!!  If I get 50 or more contestants to enter (unlikely, but you never know!) ONE winner will receive a pair of sunglasses, shipping included, AND there will still be SIX people to win $20 please..enter..and spread the word!  We're looking at alot of people to win stuff here!!  Just enter below in the rafflecopter, winners will be notified May 22nd!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. I need a new pair of sunglasses!

  2. LOL! You know im already entered! I've been wanting sunglasses and when I saw this on your blog I had to enter!

  3. Love the tortoise shell sunglasses and they are the ones i've been wanting.


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