Thursday, May 30, 2013

Such a sweetie (and STINKER!)...

How could you not love this face, right?!?!

Let me tell you a little story that happened recently.......
Remember when I got my new couch recently?  We hadn't even had it a week when the 'incident' occurred.
Uh-oh..I can hear y'all saying that over there....
Makayla and I were having a casual night just before bath and bedtime.  Sitting on the couch, eating chips, watching tv.  She let out a little 'toot' and I asked her if she needed to go potty.  Now mind you, she hadn't went potty in a while (another story for another time..we just kinda fell off the bandwagon).  But after sitting there for a minute, she got up and headed that way.  So off we went.  We did our little routine but she didn't do anything.  Since it was bathtime, I figured since I had her halfway naked we'd go ahead and start things.  Since she was reading books in the bathroom, I left her there (she always has stayed and read) and I went through the house and got her pjs and diaper (took less than a minute).  I came back through the house and found her in the living room.
Uh oh.
She was standing in front of the tv and turns to look at me with this 'look' like she had done something.  I looked and saw a puddle on the floor and said "Makayla!"..not in a mean way..just suprised..I didn't think anything of it. But her 'look' told me otherwise.  When I turned on the overhead light, I saw that she had peed on my NEW COUCH and then got off and continued on our floor.  I was livid!!!!  I told her she knew better and to get back in the bathroom (during all of this I had left her pjs on the back of the couch), to sit down, and read books.  I went back in to get her jammies and back in and guys..she had pooped on the bathroom floor during the two seconds I was away!!!! 
Oh My Gosh.
Whose child was this?!  Surely not mine...
After some crying and a lot of talking about the situation, we had both calmed down.  When we were doing prayer time and got done..I looked at her and asked if she understood why mommy had gotten so mad.  She shook her head yes.  I asked if she knew better than to do it again.  She shook her head yes again.  She cried a little..and I told her it was all ok..that mommy would get it cleaned up and that I loved her. 
This is where she got me.  When I was about to lay her down for bed..she turned to me..and put her head on my shoulder and wanted me to rock her.  And that I did.  And I silently cried.
I understand why when parents say it hurts them more than the child when they punish them now.  I know I hurt more than she did..but we both learned lessons that night.
She learned not to go potty anywhere else BUT the potty. 
I learned to never leave her without some type of underwear on.
And..I learned that vinegar takes out urine smells.
My couch survived.


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