Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Road Trippin'!

Can you believe Memorial Day Weekend is behind us and summer is 'unofficially' here?!  I hope everyone had a great weekend..I know we did!

We finally went on a trip!

It was long overdue too.  The last (overnight) trip of any kind we had taken was over a year ago.  A year!!!!   And Makayla wasn't even a year old at the time..she was just 11 months!  Now she's two!  We ventured up in northern West Virginia (our homestate, in case ya didn't know!) to the Canaan Valley region.  We had went there back when Makayla was really small (Labor Day Weekend 2011) and had a great stay so we decided to head back!  It was a great trip, despite a few minor technicalities (cranky-from-riding-in-a-car-for-hours toddler and a dinner that took TWO HOURS to be served to us at a local restaurant!).  I already can't wait to go back, honestly.  In the mountains of West Virginia, the views can't be beat.  The air is crisper.  The atmosphere is just amazing.  And did I mention, the views?!

Blackwater Falls
Thats me beside the sign!

Running in the open fields of Canaan Valley

The only decent shot I got of the two of us!
We stayed at the same place as last time, the Black Bear Resort Inn.  Its fabulous..the inn doesn't look like much from the outside but they have lovely rooms!!  My favorite part is the jacuzzi tub!!!!!!  They are HUGE..I'm pining for one in our master bathroom!  They have very large grounds..with..you guessed it..amazing views!  And a playground that we took advantage of, if not for a few minutes the first, very cold day we were there!

There was a festival going on in the surrounding towns that we checked out as well.  And you know, with a town called Thomas, we just had to go (in lieu of our cat,  Thomas, that passed away last year).  Tom-tom would have been proud!!  It was a very unusual town, almost like time had stood still but artsy and 'antique-y'!  Makayla passed out while we were there, so Damon and I took turns walking up and down the street checking out the antique stores.  There was a jewelry store I checked out that had handmade necklaces and the like.  Very neat!!  I saw a peacock necklace that looked EXACTLY like a peacock..it was very lavish and not something I could pull off, but wow it was unique to see!  They also had these necklaces that looked like the man on the moon and they even glowed a little (it seemed to me, anyways).  I heard a lady who worked there saying that the stone they are crafted from is from Germany and is the only place in the world where you can find it!  I think next time I'll bring extra cash and buy myself one!
We just did catch a picture of the Thomas sign as we were driving in!



Antique storefront
Tomorrow I'll post about traveling with a toddler, its sure to be interesting!!!


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  1. Beautiful shots, nap time and the waterfall are my favorites. It looks like a great place to get away and relax and that town sounds right up my ally of places to explore. Have a great week.


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