Monday, June 3, 2013

The Present

Do you ever catch yourself thinking more on things in the future (or the past) than whats going on right now?

I have a bad habit of doing this..and I'm determined to make it come to a stop!

The old saying that says something like, "..the present is just what it is..a gift to be enjoyed right now" holds so much truth.  I'll talk about myself personally since I don't know the situations of all of my readers at the moment.  Its been so easy for me lately to look back on our situation, a year ago, and think of how hard things were in that moment in time.  Don't get me wrong, it does make me grateful for what God has done for us and so extremely thankful for our blessings, but at the same time its wrong for me to go over this, over and over again, instead of living in the present. 

Right now is what matters. 

Right now, God is blessing us.  He's in control of our present.  AND our future.

Do you pray for your children (I hope so...) you ever think to pray for their future?  This is something I read about recently (..somewhere) and it really struck me.  I had always prayed about Makayla in the present..but not always her future.  Let's face it..when children are little, we don't want to think about them growing up!  But..they do just like we all do.  So I began praying for her future. 

Her future friends.  Her future husband.  Her path in life.  Her salvation.

Its all important. I said before..its important to live in the present and not think so much on things that were behind or are before us.  While I feel its a good choice to pray for her future..I don't dwell on it either.  I need to apply that thinking to my whole life. 

Since most of you are probably not familiar with our area, the company Damon just started working for filed for bankruptcy.  The judge sided with the company last week.  Now although this may or may not lead to job losses, it could lead to some changes.  Its just kinda a 'wait and see' thing.  I've caught myself thinking about us being unemployed..again..and worrying. 

Thats not what God wants for me.  Because God is bigger than anything..anyone..any situation.  I want to live for now.  I want to be happy now.  And enjoy my family now.  I don't want or need to think about worst case scenarios or the 'what ifs'..because it all could be for nothing. 

The sun is shining out and God has blessed husband is at toddler is napping..we have a roof over our in the fridge..and clothes on our back. 

God is good. 



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  1. Oh, praying for Damon's company! That's crazy. I know what you mean about focusing too much on the future or past rather than the present - I do it too and have to remind myself to just enjoy the moments I have right now instead of worrying!


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