Monday, June 24, 2013

When bloggers stop blogging...

I was thinking today about some fellow bloggers I once followed and then they just either all together stopped blogging or only blog once in a very short while.

A lot of things can cause this to happen.  But I think probably one of the biggest factor is lack of response.

Having others comment on your blog posts matters.  Face it..its why we blog!  We're looking for that support from others, to hear what they think about what we blogged about that day, to show care/concern, to give friendly advice, and so on.  I know there has been a time or two I've thought about giving up my blog for this reason alone.

Of course, other things plan into this as well.  Like life!  In 2011, how many other bloggers do you know had a baby?  I was one of them and it was staggering how many of 'us' became preggo within months of one another.  And its really fun now because we are watching 'our' kids grow up together as well and can relate in experiences we share! 

But you know, people move, they get jobs, have families, face life problems (like losing loved ones), and maybe just lose faith in the blog community.  I was thinking of one particular blogger who had a baby boy and named him Cohen (same year I had M) and some other things happen I'm sure I can't remember correctly, and then one day I didn't see her blog anymore.

And I miss that.

I think, "Did I comment over at her blog enough?", "Did she know how much her viewers liked reading her posts?". 

So make it a point today to stop over at your fellow bloggers pages, and leave them a comment!  Whether big or small, it doesn't matter.

I'm sure it'll make their day whether you realize it or not.  :-)



  1. Hi Melanie just checking to see if my comment went through

  2. Good post, and good point, Melanie! I've pondered reasons why certain bloggers have stopped blogging too, and I didn't think of this one, but it's true!

  3. I'm one of those used to blog regularly and then just stopped at first it was the PPD and then I just didn't feel like I had a reason to blog anymore. Someday I'll have more time. I'm considering turning my blog into more of a home journal in which I chronicle my sometimes incredibly boring days.


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