Monday, June 17, 2013

My Two Year Old

Sometimes its hard to believe she's really two already.


But that she is..and I'm enjoying every minute of it!  We had her 2 year checkup last week and here are her stats...

Weight ~ 30 lbs 10 oz. (90 or 95% percentile)
Height ~  36 inches (90 or 95% percentile)
Head ~ 20 inches (95% percentile)

(I say 'or' in each of those because I can't was one or the other)

To say that I was majorly stressed before this appointment is an understatement.  For a couple of weeks beforehand, I was dealing with some fear concerning her head size.  At her 18 month appointment, her head growth was 'off the charts'.  Her pediatrician was asking me if she was doing ok, talking, walking, etc.  I didn't think anything of it at the time but it all came flashing back at me and worry set in (thanks alot Satan!).  I was making myself sick over it.  But after talking it out with my BFF the night before her appointment, I found clarity in the situation.  And the next day at her appointment, it wasn't even an issue any longer. 

Thing ever notice me and Damon?  Our heads are both pretty big....

Turkey Day 2012
I was so pleased at this visit.  Makayla was able (amist the hysterics of crying!) to show her doctor how she knows so much sign language (that is, I do the sign and she says what I'm signing).  She was really, really impressed.  And it made this momma proud!  She's been hooked for months now on the "My Baby Can Talk" dvds (we have 2..I'm fixing to order the 3rd!).  Even though they are geared for babies (starting at 10 months) Makayla loves her 'movies'.  I would love to find one geared towards toddlers as well (suggestions?) but really these suit toddlers too (there are alot of kids her age on the videos). 
She also had a chance in the waiting room to interact with a little girl about her age.  This is something I've really been wanting for her.  Our church has no kids her age to interact with (its a very small church), and we don't have 'play dates' or anything around here to get involved in.  So to see her interacting with another little girl just blessed my heart.  Makayla was actually going up to her, giving her that huge cheesy smile, to try to get her to play with her.  She eventually won the little girl over!
So to sum it up, basically I have a 3 foot tall 2 year old who is doing fantasic. 



  1. I think "Baby Signing Time" actually has some videos geared toward toddlers (they have tons of videos) :)

  2. She's perfectly beautiful and sooo smart! I'm so proud of her and her mama!


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