Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fifteen Ways Damon and I are different

I read a post by the Pioneer Woman that I thought was really cute and I had to take a stab at it myself!

  1. He likes the outdoors.
             I'd rather be indoors (though I secretly 'wish' I was more outdoorsy!)

     2.  He likes hot coffee with cream, no sugar.

             I am in love with iced coffee with plenty of sweet stuff added in!

     3.  He loved history when in school.

             History bored me to death.

     4.  He can fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

              I only wish I was that lucky!  Sometimes it takes me an hour (or more)!

     5.  He wears hats all the time.

              I look silly in hats.

     6.  He doesn't worry about anything.

              I worry about everything (well, not really, but I'm not as laid back as he is!)

     7.  He loves mayo.

              I can't stand the stuff.  Yuck.

     8.  He isn't much for sweets.

              I could live on sweets!

     9.  When he starts a project, he doesn't stop until its done.  No matter how long it may take!

             I'd rather take my time and enjoy the process.

    10.  I love to paint.

             He'd rather take a beating than to have to paint.

    11.  I could shop for hours (and hours, and hours)...

             He..well..he's a man!

    12.  I love chicken fixed just about any way.

             He thinks its meant for either a) frying or b) made with dumplings.  Period.

    13.  He trims his nose hair.

             I shave leg hair (ha!).

    14.  He likes to watch "The Waltons"

             I like to watch anything BUT "The Waltons".

    15.  My idea of a comfy casual outfit is a long maxi skirt, tank top, and flip flops

            His is a pair of denim shorts, and nothing else.

This list is so fun to make! Even though we have a lot of differences, it certainly doesn't 'define' us..we just work!!  How are you and your spouse different?


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