Tuesday, February 8, 2011

24 weeks!!

I hit the 24 week mark yesterday (monday)!  So hard to believe..but I'm very grateful for each passing week.  :-)  Here are a few tidbits of info for all you guys following out there..

Cravings:  I've really been into Yoo-Hoos lately...so that is a new one.  Still loving icy cold water, fruit, steak.

Discomforts:  Heartburn with a capital "H"!!!  Tums is my best friend!  Sometimes I feel like 'puff the magic dragon'..LOL!

Doctors Appt.:  Have one coming up on thursday.  Please be praying for me..the big bloodwork and blood glucose test.  Yuck.  I did it earlier in my pregnancy (I guess cause I'm high risk?  It runs in my family big time..diabetes that is) and everything was a-ok.  Praying it still is..as well as my blood pressure..which I've been monitoring.  Its been good too!  I have a terrible case of white-coat syndrome.  :-P

Movements:  All the time..and I absolutely LOVE it!!  I love feeling her move around and sitting and watching my belly move.  Its..so..amazing.

Weight Gain:  We'll see when I go to the dr..it was around 10-11 pounds total at the last visit 2 weeks ago.

Nursery:  Still way behind on this one..but I am making strides on what I want.  I'm getting pretty close to picking out a crib.  I have her tree wall decal ordered.  Need to order the bedding still..but know exactly what I want in that department.  Walls will get painted next month.  We still need to move all of Damons stuff out and get the room cleared.  Wow..lots to do!  But I know it'll come along in the right time.  :-)

Check out my cutie maternity top I finally got around to getting a couple weeks ago at Motherhood Maternity (the best maternity clothing store, imo!)

Sorry for the bad picture quality..my camera doesn't always 'agree' with the lighting.  But I love this shirt and think its hilarious!!

And here I am at 23 weeks....



  1. Boy, things are moving right along! Just seems like yesterday that you announced you were expecting! Part of our entertainment on Saturday when everyone was here was watching Brie's belly moving around! The little guy is gettin' with the program. :)

  2. Yeah!!! So glad that things are going well! I cant wait to see what you are doing in her nursery! Where are you getting wall decals? WE need to get something on the wall but I am not sure what yet!


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