Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New haircut and good news!

Happy wednesday to y'all!!  If you saw in my miscellany monday post..I mentioned that I got my haircut.  It was extremely overdue and I was so thrilled to have my hair back to where I like it!!  Here are a couple of pictures I took the other night.. layers!!  I do miss them when they grow out!!  I love the people who cut hair over at Master Cuts in when we were out on saturday I went there first thing.  They do an awesome job and I've never had a bad cut from them (knock on wood).  I have been to a couple of places in the past and gotten was HORRIBLE! time I told the lady I wanted my layers to start at my chin/jaw line area and go down from there.  She started my layers at the level of my BANGS and went down from there!  I didn't get my hair cut for about a year after that!!!! 

Ok lets do a 360 on this post and talk about something totally different!!  I got some wonderful news in the mail on monday.  Many of you might recall that I was having some problems a while back with the ER doctor I saw last summer when I miscarried.  When I got in the benefit explaination from my insurance company..I found out that he overcharged me..leaving me with a balance of a little over $400 AFTER my insurance already paid him a hefty amount!  And for 3-5 minutes of his time!  Well..after alot of phone calls and tears..I finally was able to reach some people willing to try to help me out.  The good people at the Attorney Generals office in my home state of WV.  Let me tell you guys..if anything like this EVER happens to you (and I hope it doesn't) your attorney generals office.  They WILL help!  I got a letter in the mail monday saying that my mediator had reached an agreement with that doctor and you know what?  The doctor dropped all remaining charges..leaving me with a balance of $0!!  ZERO!  It is totally a miracle this was all resolved with this type of outcome..especially if you know what a hassle I went thru and a really rude insurance commissioner I spoke with on the phone back in december telling me that 'they can charge me whatever they want to and I just have to deal with it'.  Praise God there are still people out there willing to help innocent victims like myself. 

Last, but not least, I do have my doctor's appointment tomorrow at 9am.  Please keep me in your prayers!  I appreciate each and every one of you and the prayers you send up for me.  You don't know how much it means to know I have so many backing me in prayer.  I'll fill y'all in when I can..hopefully on friday..on how everything went.  Until then..take care..and have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Your haircut is gorgeous, and that's great news about the doctor's bill!


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