Thursday, February 3, 2011

Passing of a loved one

Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair.  We went to a wake this evening..a dear friend of ours passed away earlier this week that we went to church with.  He was everything a Christian can and should be.  He made such an impact in SO many lives and I know church will no longer seem the same without him there.  But I know he's there in spirit.  His legacy will live on..for many, many years.  Thats what is truely important in we live it and what type of legacy we leave behind.  I only hope that when my day comes..I can leave behind half the legacy our dear friend has.  There are just no words to express the feelings I have right now..maybe these pictures can say more than I ever could.  I'll leave you with that.



  1. My thoughts and prayers are with his family as well as both you and damon.

  2. My thoughts are with his family. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck!


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