Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting things done..

Sorry I have been an absentee for the past couple of days.  Just been getting some things done that I had to do!  On wednesday I had my lovely follow-up doctors appointment to have blood drawn..AGAIN!   In case ya missed the labs that were done last week came back and my gestational diabetes came back a little bit high..but not horrible either.  They thought I might of ate/drank something sweet the evening before that could have affected it (didnt mention to the lady I had drank grape juice at about 1130 the night before!).  Anyways..I had to do the test all over again..but this time I had to stay for 3 HOURS and have my blood drawn 4 TIMES!  Can we say 'not fun'?  The time went by pretty quick though for 3 hours and my mom went with that helped alot.  I didn't get sick or anything..which was good..was just really tired when we left out of there.  No phone calls long as I don't hear from them today I'm good!!  I got that done with..and went looking at mirrors at Homegoods (the best store EVER!), Target, and Walmart for lil' miss Makayla's room.  I saw one at Homegoods but I was hoping to find something round in shape..and this one was rectangular.  So I'm not sure about it yet.  My mom had a good idea..I could re-do the one I already have in there..but there is the question of 'who' will do it since I can't exactly be around and doing painting projects.  And I'd like to have it done before Makayla arrives obviously.  So we'll see on that one. 

Thursday was filled with more getting things done!  I had another appointment..only this time it was for my car!  Needed some new front tires (in a seriously bad way) and an I got that taken care of.  Wow..what a car now drives like she's brand new!  And yes..I just called my car a 'she'.  Her name is Big Mama actually..and no..I'm not kidding!  I also made a pit stop by Kroger's and picked up some cat treats for Zippy..which is mine and my mom's cat (she lives w/my mom..but she was my baby before I got married and moved out).  It was her birthday and she had to know that mama didn't forget about her!  Her face lite up like a Christmas tree..I only wished I had my camera to of captured that moment!  Ha!

Damon has also been getting things done.  Like our apple tree in the front yard.  He pruned it while I was at the doctor's on wednesday.  Alot of people in our neighborhood thinks he killed it.  We'll see!  It needed a prune I'm hoping we'll 'show everyone' and have softball sized apples either this fall or next!!  He took a hint from our Amish friends in Ohio and pruned the tree like they do basically look like an umbrella.  I need to take pictures so y'all can see..but it literally is shaped like an umbrella now!  And our friends' should see the apples they pick from their trees!!!  Looks like apples you get from the big and pretty!  The Amish..they know what they are doin'! 

What have you been getting accomplished lately?


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  1. You sure got alot done here!

    I finally got out and got me some new tennis and pink and i like them alot and got them on!

    Gonna Lord willing go see grandma tomorrow. will let you know how she is.


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