Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Recap

So how was everyone's Valentine's Day yesterday?  Hope it was a fabulous day for all!  Here at the Country Roads household..well..it was far from what it usually is on one of the most romantic holidays of the year.  If you read yesterday's post..I was literally in the middle of the post when I got the phone call from my doctor saying I need to come in on wednesday to repeat my bloodwork for gestational diabetes.  It was a little bit over what they'd like for it to be (but thankfully not a whole lot)..so they gotta recheck me.  Ugh.  That kinda set me up for a not-so-romantic-mood as you can imagine.  After a few tears shed and some comfort from family and friends..I felt better.  Still anxious today, mind you, but I just have to take each day as it comes, right?  So I'm just watching what I eat (need to do that anyways!) and saying lots of prayers that everything comes back normal this time around.  If not..its not the end of the world and it'll be ok too.  God always has a way of working things out.  :-)  Sooo..since yesterday was a flop..I'm determined that TODAY will be a little more romantic than yesterday was!!  After all..I do have the greatest hubby in the world..he takes such good care of me..treats me like a queen..provides wonderfully for our little growing family..and is a good Christian man.  I can't really ask for anything more.  I *heart* you bear!! 

Onto something a little more 'fun'.  Baby Makayla has been kicking up a storm!!!  I'm just waiting until she gets to the point where she's not so 'shy' about letting people see her moving around in my belly (she literally stops anytime she knows someone is watching..sweet) and take a video so you guys can see some of her daily activity!  I LOVE it..even more than I ever thought I would.  Its so amazing to know there is life growing inside of me..life that me and Damon have created.  Its just purely amazing to me.  What a blessed gift from God!!  I can't wait to meet her in May!


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  1. Hope everything turns out okay with your bloodwork! Hang in there!

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