Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope y'all had a great weekend!  I can't remember if I mentioned it in my last post on friday or not..but my gestational diabetes test I had to re-take last week came back normal!!  Woohoo!  Talk about one happy lady...that was definately me!  My next appointment isn't until March 11th..then after that I start going every 2 weeks.  Its gonna start getting busy around here!

After getting the great news about my lab results, about 30 minutes later I discovered a note on my front door.  My mom had left it stating her and my dad had to make a trip out of grandma had a heart attack that morning.  Talk about panic!  I didn't know what to think..I didn't know how bad the situation was.  After a few attemps..I finally reached a family member that was down there in the hospital with her (and then minutes later..a call from my mom followed). wasn't a major heart attack and she's doing ok.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Saturday was spent in the lovely town of Beckley..I LOVE going there!  Its so much easier than going to Charleston..where everything is more 'spread out'.  We had a great time..ate some mexican food for dinner (chicken burritos anyone?!) myself a couple new maternity tshirts at JcPenney's and a pair of new black tennis shoes at The Shoe Dept. (one of my fav's).  Oh and Makayla did good too..I found her the cutest little purple jacket and a red, white, and blue dress!  We're (fingers crossed) going to head back over there soon and register for baby stuff at Walmart!

(my new shoes!  well..not 'exactly' but they are very similar to this pair!)

Sunday was spent going to church and watching the Daytona 500!!!  Two of my favorite and racing!  It was so good to see our dear friend, Lucy, back in church again.  She's one special lady and I love her dearly!  The race yesterday was pretty awesome as a 20 year old rookie driver wins one of the most prestegious races in NASCAR is beyond me..but it happened!  Congrats to Trevor Bayne!  The poor got out that his favorite tv show is the "Rugrats"..I have a feeling he'll have a hard time living that down!!

Speaking of tv shows..has any of y'all watched the show "Strange Addictions"?  I tuned in briefly last night..and saw a lady eating comet. the cleaning solution!!  Oh my..unreal.  I know we all have maybe some strange habits and the like..but some things they show on that tv show is unbelieveable!  I guess one strange thing about myself I can think of is that I have a fear of having my (or me and Damon as a family) picture taken professionally.  Its not that I'm scared of the photographer..we've just had bad things happen in the past after we've had pictures made and after about the 4th time..I kinda wrote it off and said I'd never have them done again!  Guess you could call it more of a 'phobia' perhaps..or 'superstitious'..which I KNOW I shouldn't be.  I dunno..its hard to explain.  Anybody out there have any strange fears, phobias, habits and/or the like you'd like to share?



  1. Are those shoes kinda like the shape up shoes? You'll have to let me know how you like them!!!

  2. Yay for your blood work coming back normal...isnt that the best?? And how does one not get super ill after eating comet??

  3. Prayers are going up for your grandma girl and im so glad your diabetes test came back normal too!

    Like the shoes they are similiar to my new black and pink tennis I got myself...LOL!

    Yep, have seen strange addictions. In this one episode this woman ate cigerette butts and this other lady ate pieces of styrofoam coach about strange and I wondered myself how does one not get sick if they eat commet?


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