Friday, February 11, 2011

Doctor Appointment!

Hey y'all!!  So I had my 24 week (6 month) doctor appointment yesterday along with the dreaded blood glucose test.  Fun!  I'm happy to report that all went really blood pressure was GREAT (thank you welch's grape juice..did you know grape juice is good for lowering BP?!) belly was measuring on target, growth wise..I've gained a little weight (3 pounds in 2 weeks..ugh!)..Makayla's heartbeat was sounding nice and strong..and the bloodwork wasn't as bad as it was when I had it done at 11 weeks!!  All around it was a good visit (except for the extremely young med student that tags along with my mid-wife..he looks like a child!  Thankfully I think she said he won't be coming in w/her anymore after this time!) and I was able to talk to my midwife about more delivery stuff this time than I did at my 20 week visit (which was the first time I met her..yeah..I changed doc's for those of you who might not of known by now or if your a new follower).  Thats the one thing so far I've liked MORE about her than my previous doctor (who I still miss BADLY..she was so great!!)..she's more open to what I want when delivery time opposed to what she 'thinks' I should do..while pushing me in that direction.  But anyways..hopefully all my bloodwork comes back good and I won't hear from them (that'll be a good sign).  It was all alright last I feel pretty confident all is still well in that area.  My next appointment isn't until March 11th and then after that..I'll start going every 2 weeks!  Wow!!!  Time is really starting to go quickly w/this pregnancy!  Did you know..on monday I'll officially be in my third trimester?!?!!  Oh and a side note..we stopped by Target and have started on our baby registry!!  I plan on adding more items to it once we're totally sure of some bigger items we want (like stroller/car seat/etc)..but we got some of the more 'fun' things on the list crib sheets, blankets, hats, bathtub, carriers, etc.  And a free gift bag filled with goodies just for registering!  I totally wasn't expecting that!  And..the best part?  Another free $20 gift card to Shutterfly!!!  Will probably use that one for either thank you notes or birth announcements!!  Yay me!! for the weekend........



  1. Greetings from Southern California

    I added myself to follow your blog.
    You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron

  2. Your excitement is contagious, ya know! I can feel it just reading your posts about Makayla! Brie is now going every two weeks, too. The new bedding for the nursery was delivered today and it is SO cute! She's doing it in Cat in the Hat. :)

    Glad you are happy with your new doc. It's all much easier when you feel you can trust those taking care of you and your new baby. :)


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