Monday, December 19, 2011

Lots of "firsts"!!

Sweet baby girl has been impressing her mama alot this month!  She has had a few new 'firsts' as of the past couple of weeks.  After being totally paranoid about her last doctors appointment and her head circumference being in the 95% percentile..alot of the firsts she's accomplished lately (plus added prayers) have put me more at ease!  Hey..when the doc wants to 'keep a check' on her head to make sure it doesn't grow too fast or else an MRI might have to be done..its enough to worry a first time momma especially bad!!!  She just seems to have her daddy's head..yup..he's got a big noggin' too!  :-D is what Miss Makayla has been up to!

1.  Talking!  She said 'mama' for the first time at the beginning of this month and has said it about a handful of times since!  At first I didn't think thats what she was saying..but after she did it at my parents house and they were both like "She said mama!"..I knew I wasn't just hearing things!!  And I 'think' she said "dada" once too..but not totally sure and its not happened again..but that was just the other day!  She still blows raspberries ALOT (how long does this usually last?)..we call her our "NASCAR baby" cause she sounds like she's driving a race car when doing this!  Yeah..I have a feeling watching nascar alot while pregnant and aferwards had an!  Its gonna run in the family!

2.  Walking!  In her walker, that is!  She's nowhere NEAR pulling up or taking steps..but just yesterday I had her in her walker while I was cooking so she could watch me..and her little toes were finally able to touch the ground! So she would get excited..and push backwards and was moving in her walker..a first!  Mommy was SO proud...I'd get real excited and everything..and that just spurred her on to do it more!  She was having a very fun time!

3.  Sitting!  We've been practicing this one for a little while now.  She's been able to sit real good unassisted in my lap for a while now..but on her own she was doing so-so.  She's still not a 'pro' I wouldn't say..but tonight I had her on our bed sitting up and she was doing awesome!  Like doing it for a couple minutes with no assistance!  Very proud moment!  I'm scared to death to let her sit on the floor and do we have hardwood through the majority of our house.  We bought one of those play mats a few weeks back but I'm still scared its too hard if she tips over (which is a given).  I know she's gonna fall down..its what toddlers do..I just don't want her to bang her head on those floors..that would HURT!  Any advice?? 

4.  Mail!  Ok I wouldn't say this is technically her 'first' piece of mail..that would have been her birth certificate..but I forgot to take a picture of that one!  This one was a big piece of wouldn't fit in our box at the post office!  The post master told daddy that he couldn't open it since it wasn't addressed to him..haha!  She got her very own Bible from her uncle!



  1. Yay for all these firsts! She is just precious!

  2. She is so cute, and it looks like she's been up to alot! The first piece of mail is so fun too.


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