Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree....

Oh how I love the glow of a Christmas tree at night!  Especially ours I must admit!  I was always drawn to blue lights as a child..and still am (as you can see!).  There is just something about them that brings a calming peace to me.  I read once about the different colors of Christmas lights and what they mean.  Here is a list..not necessarily the one I read before...but one for your reading pleasure:

Red:  The blood Jesus shed for us
Green:  The life we have thru Jesus and the never ending love and presence of Him in our lives
White:  That Jesus is the light of the world and shines brightly
Blue:  Heaven, hope, and peace
Purple:  Royalty..which is Christ
Yellow:  reminds us of the ways in which God spread the good news of Jesus' birth
Silver and Gold:  the riches of God, such as redemption, forgiveness, and grace



  1. Your tree is gorgeous! I like that list of what the different colors represent - I haven't heard that before!

  2. Love this! And I love sitting in the dark with the tree on too!


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