Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year in Review (Jan.-Mar.)

I thought a good way to end out this year is to do a simple year in review with pictures!!  Hope you guys enjoy seeing our wonderfully blessed year we've had here at Country Roads!!


(We had our 'Gender Reveal Party'..during a big snowstorm, no less!)

(Me and my cousin being silly before the party!)

(Team 'Blue')

(Team 'Pink')

(Of course we all know I had a baby girl!)

(Went to see my Grandma in KY who was in the hospital)

(Definately showing by February!)


(We adopted Miss Daisy!)

(Her first and only trip to Petsmart, so far!)

(Damon planted his garden..with Daisy's help!)

(Growing a baby girl..precious moments!)


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