Wednesday, December 14, 2011



That is how old I am as of Monday.  I don't feel older and I 'hope' I don't look older.  Its funny..I feel like your 30's is a sneaky time.  Like your somewhere in the middle of being young and becoming old.  Does that make sense?  I'd like to look at it as being in my 'prime' they say.  I do feel like this is the prime time of my life..I'm happily the process of owning my own home..have a beautiful baby...have wonderful parents and friends. 

Yeah..I am pretty lucky I'd have to say.

My birthday was wonderful.  My parents came over for a bit..we had homemade chocolate cake..I opened a few gifts.  I have to say though..the best part of my birthday this year was having this little girl sitting in my lap.....

But it didn't hurt to get a GORGEOUS ring like this !

On Friday, we went out and I had an 'early' birthday dinner.  I chose a mexican place that I like pretty well just outside of Charleston.  The food was good..shrimp chimichungas!  Funny thing though..I went to the bathroom just before we were going to leave.  Damon apparently told our waiter that it was my birthday so when I came back out..a few minutes later here came our waiter (along with what looked like the entire staff of the restaurant) with some mexican fried ice cream!  The one guy had a guitar and they began to sing.  Happy Birthday?  Suprisingly no!  They say "La Bamba"!!!!!!!  I still don't know why (is this normal at a mexican restaurant??) but it was hilarious!  And Makayla thought it was sooo amazing.  She sat there watching with wide eyes..sucking away on her paci.

I wished I had my camera!



  1. That ring is gorgeous! You said it was pretty but WOW! That is some rock!!

    I'm glad you had a good birthday! that pic of you and makayla is soo good! You look wonderful and Makayla looks adorable!

  2. Happy (late) birthday, Melanie! Your ring is GORGEOUS! What a nice birthday present!


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