Monday, December 6, 2010

15 weeks!

Thought you guys might be interested in seeing how my pregnancy has progessed in the past several weeks!  Now please keep in mind..I wasn't a 'skinny little mini' to start with..but when I took this picture on friday I really felt like I was starting to really 'pop'!!  They say in week 14 that happens..and I agree with the books on that one!!  Plus you can't beat the lovely Christmas tree background!  :-)

Cravings:  not really much..but Milky Way candy bars have a big appeal value to me now (something I didnt care much for in the past).  I'm really more into 'dinner' than 'dessert'..which anyone who knows me knows thats odd!  I'd pick steak over a piece of cake I think! 

Food Turn-Offs:  chocolate ice cream, bananas, chili, and meatloaf.  YUCK!

Weight Gain:  about 5 pounds

Dr Appointments:  I have my 16 week (4 month) appointment next week!  The 'big one' will be on January 11th when we get to find out what the baby's sex is!!  Still praying all is going well.  :-)

Discomforts:  Sleeping has become an on again, off again thing for me since entering the 2nd trimester.  Having a cold a couple weeks ago didn't help things any either, and sometimes I still go into coughing spells when I lay down at night.  But..I am doing better now than about 2 weeks ago in that area!
I also have heartburn, though its also not as bad as it was.  Tums has become one of my best friends!

Maternity Clothes:  I've had one 'good' pair of maternity jeans I've been wearing when I go out..and I love them!  Looking forward to getting more for my upcoming birthday and Christmas!  For the most part though..I've just been wearing lounge pants..they work well!

What I miss:  Not having to deal with insurance companies on a regular basis.  Yes..I'm still dealing with that one!  Please pray for me that I don't loose my mind.  I've become afraid I'm going to have to change doctor's in order to satisfy them completely..though I've come to realize I don't think thats something that is even possible!!



  1. Congrats! You look beautiful! I will pray for you about your insurance company issue. I am dealing with that right now too. It's not a pleasant thing is and it is VERY stressful.
    take it easy!

    Many blessings

  2. Oy Vey, the insurance companies!!! They are enough to drive you bananas! But enjoy every moment of this, and everything else will fall to the wayside. You look great! So much to be thankful for!

  3. Love the picture! And the Christmas tree background is awesome!!!

  4. Oh, I can see the baby bump! How cute! Insurance can be so frustrating! I hope you start sleeping better soon - it just throws my whole day off when I don't get enough sleep. . .

  5. You're too cute for words!! :) I love baby bellies!!!

  6. cute baby bump mama! And that tree is gorgeous :)


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