Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 3 ~ Christmas Gift Ideas

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Today at The Blessed Life its all about your Christmas gift ideas!  Head on over and share your ideas with all of us!!

This will be an interesting subject for me as I have no idea what I'm about to write!!  Sometimes gift giving can be overwhelming, as most of you know!  Especially for the men in our lives!  Why is that anyways?  The one man I never have trouble buying for, it seems, is Damon!  He seems so easy to please and there are so many things he likes.  This year its really been a no-brainer for him.  Since he got a Wii for his birthday a couple weeks ago..Wii games seemed a natural choice for Christmas gifts.  He also loves nice sweaters for church, can always use a new pair of jeans, LOVES cologne (this guy goes thru more cologne than any man I've ever seen!), and even likes toys!  I can just see it when our little one comes..Damon will be playing with the babys toys more than he/she will be!  Ha!  Last year I bought him a remote controlled monster truck!  My dad on the other hand, can be the most difficult to buy for.  So I usually go the safe route and get him a gift card..he loves them (thankfully!!) and puts them to good use!

(it was a neat jacket for him with the '67'..his birth year!)

My mom and me, I think, are super easy to buy for.  We both love jewelry (what girl doesn't?) and clothes.  I also love perfume and purses!  I made out awesome on black friday for myself..getting a gorgeous diamond bracelet and Vera Wang handbag!  Score one for Mel!!!  I still have shopping to do for my mom and even though I don't know exactly what to get her just yet..I'm not fretting..because everything always falls into place.

(a christmas several years past..but you can tell how happy i was to get a new necklace!)

For friends, I think its good to go with their personality.  If you have a friend you've never met before (that lives far away, for example) a great idea is to buy them something from where you they can kind of experience some of your 'traditions', if you will!  For instance, I have a friend from Bulgaria and last year she sent me a candy bar from over there!  It was a nestle crunch, if memory serves me correctly, but the writing on it was all foreign!  I thought it was one of the neatest things ever!!  Also..journals make GREAT gifts and can be used in so many ways.  If your the crafty type, anything homemade is always a plus!

For those of the 'furry' type..they aren't hard to please!!  Whether you go to the pet store or just Walmart..and pick up a new toy, bed, collar, or treat..they will be totally satisfied!  And even better..a big Christmas bag! Thats Ravey's preference!


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  1. I like your idea of sending a gift that shares about where you are from. And yes...if only the men in our lives were as easy to buy for as we are (although they probably don't think the same thing about us!) haha. I also find my mom super easy to buy for! However, it seems like those that are the easiest to buy for are the ones I put off the longest...because I have so many ideas it's hard to choose!

    so glad you joined again! Happy Friday!!


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