Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 2 ~ Christmas Traditions

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Today we're all talking about our Christmas traditions!  If you haven't joined in the 12 Days of Christmas link up..head over to The Blessed Life and join in!

I always try to start my Christmas decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Sometimes this works out..and sometimes not (like this year!)..but either way I do manage to get my decorating done!!  I like to try to add a new ornament each year to our tree and always make an attempt to buy one when we are on vacation!  Makes for some nice memories!  Some years I'm able to find one (or more) and some years none.  I guess the years when I find more than makes up for the years I can't find anything!

Onto Christmas Eve..this day used to be so 'rushed' feeling for us.  So a couple years ago we decided to do things just a little differently.  Its amazing what one small change can do!!  Instead of having my parents to our house FIRST..then going to visit his mom..we just reversed that order and it made a world of a difference!  We head up to see his mom for a little bit at her house on Christmas Eve after we've had dinner (I ALWAYS make hot dogs!!) and take her presents.  Then we come home and I break out the appetizers (it varies from year to year) and my parents come down and we nosh on some food and open gifts from one another.  Its so much fun!!  You may ask..why don't you guys have Damons mom come down to eat with us?  You'd just have to know her..its not really her thing and she'd just prefer to be at home!  So after my parents head on back to their place (its usually getting dark out by this time), me and Damon have our time alone!  We started a new tradition last year (since it was the first Christmas in our new house) of reading the story in the Bible of Jesus' birth..and I really liked doing that.  So hopefully that will continue this year as well!  Then we open gifts from one another (minus the stockings) and are pretty much busy with all of that the rest of the evening!  We usually have a big bonfire outside to burn up all the Christmas paper, etc also.  This is something I enjoyed immensly when we lived at our old place..because several of our neighbors would come out and join us..and we'd all have a chance to chat for a bit..very nice!  I do miss that!  :-(

On Christmas Day..when we get up in the morning we open our stockings!  This usually contains a Christmas card, some goodies, and a small gift (or two)!  Then I get busy doing some cooking..I help my mom out w/Christmas dinner by preparing a few things and taking up there.  Then we head up to their house and have a big meal..usually consists of ham and all the fixings! Definately Damons favorite..since I'm not much for ham (I'm a turkey girl!)!  After eating, we'll go and visit Damons mom and uncle..and take his uncle a gift..and have a little to eat with them as well.  My MIL makes the best green beans!!!!!  That is the one thing that she fixes that I really look forward to..and no matter what I do..I just can't make them like she does!  We all have a nice chat together and then we head unwind from the days events!

The day after Christmas..I love love love to go to the after Christmas sales!!  I 'almost' enjoy it as much as black friday!  I'm always stocking up on wrapping paper, bows, bags, boxes and anything else I might need for the next year!  Its alot of fun!  My favorite store to head to is Target!  Walmart is GREAT for the gift sets since they are half about some cheap perfume!  LOL! 

I also try to sometime during the month of December, head to Kentucky to see my grandma for Christmas.  Some years I get down there to visit, and some not (depending on the weather).  I really would like to get down there this year..she's about to turn 86 (on sunday) and I don't know how many more Christmases she'll be with us.  She is the rock of the family and an amazing woman..I love her dearly!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll be able to visit this year!

So what are some of your Christmas traditions?



  1. What fun traditions! Way to go on making a change to try to make things less hectic...that seems to be the common theme in many of the posts! I know it's not easy to make a good for you! It is always so special to read the Christmas story me cold chills thinking about that special story!

    Hope Kentucky can give you nice weather....we're looking at so much snow coming up. I pray that you will be able to make it...grandmothers are so special!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up for day 2!! :)

  2. Cool traditions! :) I hope you're able to go visit your grandmother. I miss mine so. You're very fortunate to still have yours! It's funny, my MOM is almost as old as your GRANDMOTHER! LOL! My Mom turned 83 in October. :) I was a 'change of life' baby. ;)

  3. LOVE YOUR TRADITIONS girly! :-) Next year you'll have a little one to share these great times with!


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