Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prayer for my sanity!

Ok..I want to go ahead and warn you..this is a total 'vent' post..so bear with me if you chose to continue reading!  I found out today that my doctor isn't in my 'network' of providers.  Niccceeee.  Great thing to find out when your getting close to the HALFWAY point of your pregnancy!!  But there is hope.  I can ask her to join my network by filling out a paper (which is being sent to me by the HR person w/Damons work)..so I'm going to do that when I see her next week.  I also was able to nominate her and the group she works with online..so maybe that will help too.  I just hope next week isn't my last time seeing her because I really like my doctor!  She's so funny (hilarious, actually) and sweet.  Always ready to listen to any concern or question I may have.  I love the atmosphere at the office and even the nurses are great!  Makes me wonder if I should have thought beforehand..is all of this too good to be true?  Hopefully things will work out.  I've just been so stressed after finding all of this out..plus dealing with my ongoing crazy insurance company and things they've been sending me in the mail (I dont want to go there!) but after finding out all hope is not lost with the forms I can get my doctor to fill out..I'm much better now.  Just needing to spend some time in prayer with God about all of this.  My next doctors appointment is next tuesday..the 16 week mark!  I've been anxious to hear the babys hearbeat again (seems like its been forever since I last heard it)..it will be a big relief to hear that sweet sound again!  Anyways..wanted to ask all you sweet, caring bloggers out there to join me in prayer about all of this craziness!!  Thanks for listening to me do some grumbling...



  1. Sending prayers and calm thoughts your way! No matter what happens it's all in God's plan - and if for some reason you aren't able to keep your current doctor.. maybe the doctor you get next is the one you're meant to have :-) God will provide for you and he will take care of you! Don't let the devil cause you to have stressful thoughts and to worry - you've got much nicer things to spend your thoughts on :-)

    Hope you have a GREAT rest of the week!!

  2. Sending prayers your way. I don't know if this helps but my doc wasn't in network for me either but I got a referral to her from my primary care physician. Maybe that's an option? Good luck girl.

  3. That's so frustrating! I hope you guys can get it straightened out - it would stink to have to switch docs when you like your doctor!

  4. Oh I hope you get this solved soon! That would be such a hassle! I'm sure God will work it out in just the right way! :)


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