Tuesday, December 28, 2010

18 weeks!

Well I've made it to 18 weeks..or 4 1/2 months!!  I feel like I'm really starting to show now!  Here are a few things y'all might want to know....

Food Cravings : about the same..fruits, water, meat (steak), milk, and Milky Way candy bars!

Aversions : chocolate ice cream, bananas, meatloaf

Next dr appt. : January 7th..it will be with my new doctor..so I'm excited to see how things go!  Plus we'll probably find out the baby's sex then!!!  EXCITING!!

Sleep : SO much better..I can't even tell you guys how much better I sleep now than I did a couple weeks ago!

Movements : I 'think' I've started to feel some little kicks for the first time!  Sometimes I don't know if its just my stomach rumbling..but the first time it happened it felt like popcorn popping!  Looking forward to feeling those movements more often..it seems like such a relief to finally feel 'something'!  What a blessing..on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day..I felt what I think were pretty distinct movements!!

Clothes : For my bday and Christmas, I've received alot of maternity clothes.  Jeans, sweaters, shirts, dresses, skirts..you name it!  I'm SO happy to finally have some clothes that feels like I have some room in!  I can't wait to wear my new "Baby Love" shirt today!!  I'll be sure to take some pics of me in it..its adorable!  Oh and my mom and dad bought the baby a cute little onesie for Christmas!!!  The first gift for baby!  And did I mention..its pink?!  Yes..we are hoping for a little girl..though it doesn't matter either way..as long as he/she is healthy!

Other Noteables : Even though its far from it..I've been able to tell a difference in my belly button!  Looks like its slowly but surely on its way out!


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  1. Aw, you look so cute! Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl!


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