Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Incredibly tired from doing nothing

I don't know if its a pregnancy thing..but I haven't done much of anything today (its still monday for me folks) and I'm totally exhausted.  We had snow, snow, and more snow all day today plus freezing temperatures..so going out any wasn't in the cards.  I stayed in all day with Ravey and my pj's on (I'm not complaining) and just lounged.  The most I did all day was make a pot of soup for dinner!  Can we say yum to chicken tortilla soup?!  It was soo good and perfect for this snowy day!  Now tonight I'm just worn out.  Maybe its all the dreaming I've been doing every night catching up with me (you ever wonder how a person really rests when they dream every..single..night?).  I KNOW thats pregnancy related!  Crazy dreams anyways.  Any other pregnant ladies out there dealing with that?  I had a crazy dream last week that I went to work in the coalmines with Damon (told ya it was crazy!).  Then last night I dreamt he was laid off from work (ugh..I don't want to relive that nightmare!). 

But anyways, I'm going to do a total 360 here and ask for your help in some new Christmas appetizers!  I just realized tonight that this weekend is the last weekend before Christmas (whoa..where did the time go?) and that I need to be figuring out this week what I'll be serving on Christmas Eve when my parents come down.  Each year, they come to our house on Christmas Eve..and then we go to their house on Christmas Day.  I always have some assortment of appetizers each year and have pretty much done something different every year.  Its alot of fun though..I must say!  I'm not totally sure what else I'm going to have this year and was hoping you guys could pass along some ideas!  I'm up for any suggestions!  So far..I know we're having spinach and artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip, and I'm going to make a punch recipe I found online this evening.  I thought about assorted cheeses, some type of spiced or something-another nuts, maybe chex mix (since dad likes it!), and oh yeah..a recipe for a raspberry red velvet cake I saw in one of my magazines!  Maybe I had more ideas than I thought..but..I'd still like some input on the subject!   Can't wait to hear what all you guys have to say!


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  1. Bless your heart, I remember the pregnancy exhaustion very well. The good news is that for pretty much every one of the days I spent doing nothing because I was so tired, I had at least a couple of days of feeling really, really energetic and good! :) Hopefully you'll follow that pattern, too.

    As for recipes...I'm hoping to post some on my kitchen blog this week. If I discover something new and interesting, I'll let you know!


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