Thursday, December 16, 2010

Randomness for the day..

Since I'm not really feeling inspired today to write about one particular thing, I figured it was a good time to do some random thoughts!

One ~ I've been watching "A Baby Story" on TLC for about the past hour.  Can we say 'awwww'?!?  A lady they showed gave birth to twin girls..adorable and they looked so heathly!  Makes me excited to hold my own baby.  :-)

Two ~ Thomas just doesn't learn.  Every day this week (despite the cold and snow) he 'thinks' he needs to go outside because I think he thinks its warm out!  He gets out there and stays for about 5 minutes..then right back to his room!  He's one silly boy!

Three ~ I'm excited to meet my new baby doctor next month (on the 7th) and hopefully find out if we're having a boy or a girl!!  I changed doctors yesterday as I felt this was the way I was suppost to go and I've felt so much more calmer now about things.  Its about time!  :-)

Four ~ Needing to wrap more presents still..and make my peanut butter cookies that I shared the recipe with everyone here recently.  I already have the dough made (its in the fridge)..just need to get crackin'!

Five ~Hoping I can get out tomorrow..if not get some shopping done!!!  I have so much to get..and yikes..haven't even started my store list yet!!  I need some motivation!

Six ~ While most everyone around me grumbles about the snow and cold weather..I'm luvin' it!!  Its so peaceful and serene...not to mention beautiful!  Of course I don't like having to travel in it (thats a whole other thing in itself)..but as long as I can stay home and enjoy it..I'm happy to camp out at home!


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  1. Lovin' the snow, too! :) Every once in a while it's good to be snowbound.

    The Hubster is wanting to go shopping tomorrow but I don't know that we'll get to do that. Just have to wait and see if school is canceled or not. Either way he's taking a day off. Guess we might end up getting some things done around the house! :)


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