Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 4 ~ Christmas Memories

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Christmas Memories

Most of my Christmas memories from when I was a child revolve around my grandparent's and my cat, Babe!  I'll talk about my grandparents first.  :-)  I remember, if memory serves me right, we'd go to my grandparents house when they still lived in WV on Christmas Eve..late in the evening (it would already be dark).  I remember my grandma ALWAYS made her punch every year, without fail!  I still like it to this day..its just ginger ale and lime sherbet!  Yum!  That punch always reminds me of my grandma and Christmas.  I remember alot of people being at their house and it being really busy..but it was alot of fun!

More of my memories seems to involve my beloved cat, Babe, more than anything though.  She was so special to me!  To give you a little background info..I wanted my own kitten when I was in the 1st grade.  Already having 2 cats (that I felt were more my moms than mine) didn't want anymore.  Then..the day before my birthday..on December 11th..a little gray tabby kitten showed up on our porch while I was at school!  My dad proclaimed, "it has blue eyes!!!"..and all else was history!  "Snowball" was my very first cat..all of my own!  Babe became a nickname that just stuck, not long after I got her.  She grew up right along with me..I remember I cared so much for that cat..she was my world.  In the winter, she would sit in my window in my bedroom and try to 'catch' snowflakes that landed on the window with her mouth!  Too cute!  Oh how I miss her..but..I have had so many other wonderful cats come into my life since then.  They all hold a special place in my heart.  :-)  Back in the day when I had a website, I had a page dedicated to Babe.  Here is a picture of her, taken from my old 'page'!

(My sweet angel Babe)

(Little Zippy..who came after Babe passed away..isn't she cute!!)

(And of course, my sweet little Ravey!  Her first Christmas with the tree!)


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  1. What sweet memories! That punch sounds great. My grandma makes Christmas so much more special too. Such cherished times! And the pics are of your cats are great! We have some really funny ones of my cat (now my parents' cat) diving into wrapping paper on Christmas. She loves to hide underneath it all! So glad you could link up on day 4!


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