Saturday, March 26, 2011

20 Things!

I saw this post on my sweet bloggy friend Miranda's blog yesterday and thought I'd give it a shot!  Hope you enjoy..and if you've read this...consider yourself tagged!

  1. Food ~  Italian and mexican..yumm!
  2. Color ~ definately Orange!!
  3. Animal ~ cats, all the way, I love my furbabies!
  4. Sports Team ~ NASCAR though I dont think thats really considered a 'team' but more of a sport!
  5. Dessert ~ hmm..I do love my brownies!
  6. Artist/Singer/Band ~ Gary Allan..yeah baby!
  7. Pair of Shoes ~ for everyday..I like my champion tennis shoes.  something more dressy I have a pair of black heels with jewel accents that are to die for!
  8. Outfit ~ right now its my maternity jeans with a white top and black vest.
  9. Skinny Jeans ~ nope..I dont have the right body build for that!
  10. Brand ~ any brand that fits my curves right!
  11. Perfume ~ Victoria Secret "Pink" line
  12. Accessory ~ love my jewelry..also I LOVE headbands!  esp. those from Target!
  13. City ~ fav country 'town' would be Walnut Creek, OH..'big' city would be Nashville, TN
  14. Hobby ~ blogging (of course!), sewing, traveling, photography
  15. Beauty Product ~ eye shadow..DARK brown!
  16. Snack ~ peanut butter
  17. Holiday ~ Christmas
  18. Movie ~ Hope Floats
  19. Song ~ anything by Gary Allan, also "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" by Blake Shelton
  20. Guilty Pleasure ~ Berkshire's maple walnut ice cream


  1. I love Mexican and Italian! You need to take a picture of those black heels! they sound fabulous!

  2. Awesome post! I feel like I am knowing you more and more with these! It is cool!


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