Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Oh what a weekend around here!  And not in a real good way either..there have been several deaths in our community in the past week...all of which are people that we were either related to or knew very well.  Pray for those who have lost their loved ones recently.


At least my dr appointment went well on friday!  Everything still is looking good..heartbeat is strong and I'm still gaining!  That scale is gettin kinda scary to me..I almost don't want to even look when I get on it!  And my dr was able to help us get a problem less thing to worry about!


I placed an order with the lovely Venessa for some ponytail holders and a bracelet to help her bring baby DLC home.  If you've not checked out her blog..head over there this sweet lady..and help them out if you can! 


Anyone else have problems with Target?  Don't get me wrong..I am a big fan of Target..but when I went in on friday to purchase Makayla's bassinet..they had none in stock and couldn't give me an idea of when or if they'd get any in.  That helps alot...right?  So I go online (perhaps I can order it..thinks me) and its NOWHERE on their website!!  Isn't that just a bit odd?  I did however find another very sweet bassinet and if I'm not able to get the one I originally wanted...this will do nicely...
I couldn't put up a wouldn't let me for some reason!


Paint has been bought for the nursery!!!!  So exciting..I can't WAIT to see it on the walls to see how its going to look!  I'm hoping Behr paint lives up to its reputation.  I've never tried it before but the guy at Home Depot assured me it met the qualifications I was looking for in paint!  The color?  Poetic Princess..sounds so cute and girly doesn't it?!



  1. Can't wait to see how the nursery turns out!

    I know the weight gain thing is hard, but necessary for the little one :)

    (doing a giveaway if you're interested in entering!)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the nursery! How frustrating about the bassinet though glad you found another one you like!

  3. We had the SAME problem with Target. We were ready to drop a ton of money in there on T's baby furniture.. but they didn't have it in stock and didn't know when it would be in. We ended up going somewhere else and got better quality furniture.. I'm kinda glad they didn't have it now! LOL!

    I seriously love Target though.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. Can't wait to see the nursery! :) I'm going to Brie's in the morning to paint Eli's nursery. We're so anxious for him to get here! Brie is pretty miserable at this point. Her heartburn (which she also battled while carrying Hayden) is really bad and the baby is big enough now that he doesn't have much room to move around so he's making her pretty uncomfortable.

    Don't worry so much about the weight gain. You're young and it will come off. :)

    Good luck on the bassinet! I used the same one with all of my kids. :) The same cradle, too.

  5. That bassinett is sooooo cute and pretty. If you ask me its perfect for Miss Makayla : )

    Can't believe how fast your pregnancy has gone...just seems like yesterday you were telling me you were!

    I'll be praying for those that you said have lost loved ones here recently. Can't imagine what they are going through.


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