Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meet Miss Daisy!

Damon and I headed over to the animal shelter in Charleston tuesday morning in search of a new doggie companion to our ever-growing household.  And low and behold, we found the newest member of our family!  In cage B-6 we met "Miss Daisy", as Damon has seen fit to call her!  I spotted her the other day when we visited and she really tugged at my heart strings.  Damon, however, fell for the pooch in the cage next to hers.  When we arrived yesterday, the one he was wanting, was already taken.  So after looking around at several really good contenders, Damon decided to take the little beagle for a walk.  It didn't take long after getting her outside and away from the other dogs, she showed us her true personality.  While scared and hesistant inside the shelter, once outside she totally livened up!  She began to walk good on the leash, sniffed until her heart was content, and even attempted to give Damon his first 'doggie kiss' sweet!  Didn't take long for her to win his heart over after that!  She has the sweetest, meekest personality I've seen in a dog in a VERY long time.  This I like..especially since we have a little one on the way.  ;-)  She's between 1-2 years old..I'm hoping the vet can give us a better idea of which age she is closest to.  She is going to make a great addition to the family..and it'll be fun when we can bring her home on friday after her spay is complete! 


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  1. Awwww!!! Congrats on the new member of the family! :) I have to say I'm amazed, too. A few years ago my hubster attempted to adopt a dog there to take to another county and they wouldn't allow it. It's a shame because this dog was going to an excellent home. :( I guess they've changed their rules and I'm glad for your sake! :)


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