Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The ABC's of me!

I got this great idea for a blog post from my dear friend Kristin!  Its a great way for us to learn more about each other..hope you'll participate!

A ~ Age: 32

B ~ Bed Size: Queen..would love to have a King but it would take up too much room.

C ~ Chore You Hate:  Sweeping and mopping!  I'd rather run a vacuum anyday than pick up a broom!  Thats the only downfall to having hardwood floors, imo.

D ~ Dogs:  This will sound odd, but we have one on the way!  We'll probably be able to get Miss Daisy picked up sometime late next week if all goes well!  We just adopted her at the beginning of the month and now are waiting for her to get over the kennel cough and being in heat so she can be spayed and brought home.  :-)

E ~ Essential Start To Your Day:  Whole wheat toast w/peanut butter and some oj.  Its a pregnancy!

F ~ Favorite Color:  Definately orange!

G ~ Gold or Silver:  Silver

H ~ Height: 5'6 1/2

I ~ Instruments You Play:  Sadly, none. I'm not musically gifted!

J ~ Job Title:  Homemaker, Wife, and Mommy-to-be!

K ~ Kids In Your Immediate Family:  I'm actually an only there is just lil' old me!
L ~ Live:  In the coalfields of southern West Virginia :-)

M ~ Man In Your Life:  His name is Damon and I'm so happy to be married to him!  10 years of marriage we'll be celebrating this August..and the BEST 10 years of my life!  I love him and am so proud of him!

N ~ Nicknames? Mel, Love Bug, Bug, Momma (thats what Ravey calls

O ~ Outrageous Thing You Would Do for $1000: I'm not sure there is anything 'outrageous' I would do..I'm not much of a daring person!

P ~ Pet Peeves: Rude people in general (whether its driving or talking on the phone), someone who can't put down their cell phone to talk to someone in front of them, sarcasm.  I could make a really long list on this one topic!

Q ~ Quote From A Show/Movie: "My cup runneth over.." from Hope Floats

R ~ Righty or Lefty?  I'm a righty.

S ~ Sing In The Shower, or Not?  Not..I usually spend my time in the tub saying my prayers. 

T ~ Time You Wake Up?  Around noon..but I have an explanation!  Damon works nights, so I stay up EXTREMELY late to do housework, etc AND I'm pregnant!   

U ~ Underwear:  Personal question?! I have a variety, mostly low-cut cotton stuff. 

V ~ Vegetables You Dislike?  I loathe tomatoes, BUT during the summer months I love to make stuff with them, like homemade salsa, pizza sauce, etc, etc!  Also I can't stand lima beans, tastes like grit!

W ~ What Makes You Run Late?  Bad hair days

X ~ X-Rays You've Had:  Well I've had an I'm not sure if that counts or not!  Been to the dentist and had xrays of my teeth.

Y ~ Yummy Food You Make:  Lots and lots of things!  I make really good soups, fudge, cakes, brownies, and pizza.
(homemade pear honey!)

Z ~ Zoo Animal Favorite? Gotta be the polar bears!


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  1. Q is my favorite quote too!!! Love this post...may have to do it!


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