Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crazy Pregnancy Dreams!

Ok so after reading Miranda's blog post for monday I thought I'd touch on the subject today of crazy pregnancy dreams!  Apparently its something many moms-to-be experience..whether its just flat out strange, crazy dreams or dreams about their little one growing inside of them.  I have ALWAYS found dreams fascinating (just ask my BFF Wendy..who has a b-day today..happy birthday!!) and love to look up their meanings when I can remember the ones I've had!!  So I'm going to leave this post open for all of you guys out there..care to share some strange/unusual dreams you've had while being preggers??  I'd LOVE to hear about them!!  I'll share one with you guys that I had a while back....

Several weeks ago, I had a dream that a piano was about to fall on me!!  If THAT wasn't strange enough..I literally jumped out of the bed (while I was asleep) to get out of the way of the falling piano!!  Thankfully, I landed on my feet and when I came to and realized what had just happened..I found it amusing (yet I was still totally scared from the dream because it seemed SO real!).  I was probably MORE thankful than anything that I landed on my feet!  A few years ago I had an experience where I apparently was dreaming (though I don't remember what about) and jumped out of the bed..only I crashed into the wall and cut my chin a good one and scraped up my knee pretty bad too!  I actually have a SCAR from that incident!  Yikes!


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