Thursday, March 3, 2011

A few thoughts for the day...

Just thought I'd do a short post today on some things that are happenin' around here!

  • The vet called this morning about Miss Daisy (she was due to be spayed today).  Turns out she's got a mild case of kennel cough (nothing serious from what the lady said) AND she went into HEAT!  Ahh!  So they suggested she be quarentined for 2 weeks so she can get over the cough and get out of heat (I guess thats what you would call before she can be fixed.  BIG bummer for Damon..he was SO excited to bring her home tomorrow!  I suggested 'maybe' we can go visit her next time we're over at let her know we haven't forgotten about her!
  • Baby shower plans are in progress!  We have the place booked where we are going to hold it at so last night I started making my invitations on Shutterfly.  So far so good!!  And I have the menu halfway to 3/4 planned already!
  • Since said baby shower plans are in progress...yesterday I started snapping pictures of myself outside to use on the invites.  I got some good shots and one is probably a definate (I'm ordering 2 different invitations so I can use 2 discounts I have..good deal!)..I'm going to try to get some more today.  The outfit I plan on wearing should coordinate really well with the invitation itself!
  • And last but not is my dad's birthday!!!  Happy birthday daddy (even though you don't read my blog)..I love you so much and appreciate every single thing you do for us..which is ALOT!  He never hesistates to help or offer to help.  Even though he is rather on the quiet side..his love shows through in other ways.  I'm so grateful for him and love him more than he knows!!



  1. Happy Birthday to your dad!! And that's exciting that baby showers are in the works!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daddy! I hope he had a wonderful one.

    The menu you showed me looks really good for the shower. So, far so!

  3. Yay for baby showers! We have started that planning process too! I am going to have to look into this Shutterfly it easy to use?

  4. Your little Daisy is so CUTE! She has the sweetest little face. :) I hope she gets to come home to you guys soon.

    Do you know what you're having yet? Sorry if you mentioned it earlier, but I'm new here.

    Anyway, new follower, stop on by..


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