Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Stuff...

Sorry if my baby posts bore some of you out there..but when your preggo..its whats on the brain 24/7 it seems!  I NEVER thought I'd be like this..trust me..but I'm luvin' it!  :-)  Anyways..last night I went ahead and ordered the bassinet from Targets website that I found on there (not the one I had originally wanted).  I'm SO EXCITED to see it when it arrives on my door!  The picture online is super cute and totally girly!  It said the expected arrival date is between the 5th and 8th..but I'm thinking it might get here sooner.  Would be good cause my shower is on the 5th!  I was able to get free shipping on it as well..which helped ALOT considering it was about $30 more than the other one I originally wanted.  Not that it matters a whole lot though..its a gift from my MIL..she gave us the money to get one so its not my money thats being spent technically!  LOL! 

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I'm also planning my shower games for next week (I can't believe my shower is exactly one week from today!!) and gifts to give as well.  I can't wait to head out looking for some cute little things (think journals, candles, dish towels, etc) to give as gifts for winning shower games!  Speaking of which..anyone care to give me some ideas on a door prize?? 

Have the menu planned for said shower as well.  Alot of finger foods, pasta salads, cakes, goodies, punch and the like.  Yumo!  I still need to make a phone call reguarding the 'big' cake though.  Going to try to get that done this afternoon.  We'll see how that goes!  Its a lady that lives here locally...she makes cakes (think wedding cakes and the such) and they are pretty darn good!  I tried one of her creations last summer at a wedding I attended and gotta say..it was really good!  So I'm hoping she can help me out (I've never called on her before myself). 

Hoping the weather gets back to warm and springy around here again soon too!  Its turned back to cold and at times, snowy.  I was 'hoping' to take some maternity pictures outside.  Yeah..I'm hoping that maybe we can get a couple shots that are really good ourselves instead of going to a photographer!  We've taken some awesome pics in the past on vacations and things..so I'm thinking we could do the same this go around!  We'll see though..fingers crossed! 

Hope your having a great tuesday!


  1. bassinet is so cute! can't wait to see it in action :)

    if you haven't entered yet, hosting a giveaway on my blog..

  2. Awwww! That is SO adorable! :) All pink and girly. Brie just HAS to try again for a girl! I REALLY want a granddaughter! ;)

    Your shower sounds like it's going to be great! Hope you have a fantastic time!


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