Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Weeks Pregnant!

Time for another pregnancy update!  Can you believe I've finally hit the 30 week mark?!  Its so exciting..not much longer before we get to meet our little girl!

(not my best picture)

How far along?  30 weeks!

Weight gain?  about 19 pounds

Name?  Makayla Giuliana

Baby's size?  around 3 pounds and 16 inches long (give or take).

Dr. Appts.?  My next one is this friday coming.  My last appointment went well and I was able to discuss some important things w/my doctor.  She was very understanding!  I also received a Rh Immune Globulin shot because I have A negative blood type..it protects baby and me.  :-)

What I miss most?  Being able to sleep on my stomach!  I was always a stomach sleeper before.

Cravings?  Not much..but we got some nice big sweet strawberries at Sam's the other day..they are great!

Clothes?  All maternity, about 98% of the time!  Though can I say..I have never and still don't understand the whole maternity underwear thing.  The first time I saw them at Motherhood Maternity, I thought 'really'?  Is that really necessary?  I wouldn't imagine that is a very popular item sold because I just don't really see the need for them!  Though I am going to be looking into getting some nursing tops/bras in the near future!

Looking forward to?  The baby shower!!  Its in about 2 weeks from today and I have almost all the invitations sent out..save for a handful.  I just love the way they turned out too!  Here they are....

I ordered 2 sets of 50 because I had 2 gift cards from shutterfly to use up before they expired.  Talk about a great deal!

Movements?  All the time...she's not a totally 'rowdy' kicker like some babies are at this point and the only discomfort I've experienced is when she lays really low it feels like either her head or butt (can't tell which it is) is pressing against the bottom of my stomach REALLY hard!  And last week my belly button hurt a little for one day..but that passed.

Discomforts?  The ones I mentioned above..plus going shopping can't be an all-day excursion like before I've found.  I get tired out WAY too easily now so I have to take an easy.  And lately I've been having to make the middle of the night bathroom calls that most preggo women experience!  Sleep is good some nights..bad others.  It just depends on the day I guess.



  1. HOW ARE YOU ALREADY 30 WEEKS?!?! :-) You look so good and I'm so excited to see your little girl! Once I hit 30 weeks it FLEW by for me :-) Hang on girly! :-)

  2. The baby shower invites are great! I love the way they turned out! I missed sleeping on my stomach too, but I kind of slept half on my stomach, half on my side, so that helped - and I actually still like sleeping that way, because it's hard to sleep on your stomach with breastfeeding, if you're full. :-/


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