Saturday, June 5, 2010

Call me old fashioned...

Call me old fashioned or what have you..but the one thing I enjoy the most about the summer months (and anytime of the year when its warm) is drying clothes outside!  I know..might sound a bit corny to some..but its such a joy to know that I'm not using any energy other than the sun and wind God provides for us to dry our clothing, bedding, towels, quilts, etc.  One thing I love when we visit Amish country is to see all the little amish outfits worn by men and women hanging on the clothslines on a breezy summer day..neatly hung together (dresses with dresses, slacks with slacks, largest to smallest).  They take such precision when they hang everything out to dry!  I've noticed myself taking the same habits with me when I hang out clothes or anything for that matter!  I tend to hang the pants/shorts all together..towels especially since I hang washclothes together and towels together as well.  Is that a form of OCD you think?  LOL thats a topic I'm reserving for another time for sure!! I had a bit of bad luck since I'd thought it was going to be a pretty day all day until late evening.  Wrong!!  After I got back from my trip to the grocery store this evening..I came home to a soggy filled clothsline of shirts, pants, shorts, and blankets!  Oh despair!!!  Better luck tomorrow I guess since I left everything out to chance again!  :-D



  1. I wish I had a clothesline. There is nothing like the smell of sunshine on clean sheets. My mom used to hang clothes out to dry and yes, things were hung together - towels, sheets, pants, etc.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Hi Mel! I'm glad you enjoyed the staycation posts :-) I would love to be able to hang things outside. I actually have a little clothesline that Jesse put up for me, but there is now a huge pampas grass that is growing right under it. So it's out of commission - either the grass has got to go, or the line needs to be moved! I do really like some things dried by the sun (like sheets), but I have to say, I HATE jeans dried on the line. No thank you! I'll take my soft, fluffy, from-the-dryer-jeans any day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend~

  3. Hey Mel, I got another one of those weird e-mails from "you" again today. Something is definitely going on w/ your e-mail account/mailbox. Might want to check into that... Hope it's nothing serious! Have a wonderful Sunday, ~K


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