Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Tour--Bedrooms

Its another week of sharing our homes over at the Home Tour series at Natalie's Extraordinary Love blog!  I have two rooms I'll be sharing with everyone this week and I'll be honest..they aren't much to brag about!  The first room is my husband's "hunting room"/guest room.  We bought a futon last summer while he was laid off from his job..it was about all we could afford at the time and though its functional for the room..its not how I would go about decorating it!  Then again..thats why its his room! 

The second room I'll be showing is my room/crafting room.  My sewing machine has its home in here..which I love having it by the window so I can look out into our backyard while sewing if I wish! 

Also my makeup vanity is in this room.  It makes getting ready so much easier since my husband works the night shift and I have to get ready in another room other than our master bedroom! 

Our cat, Thomas, is currently taking up residence in my little room.  When I went to feed him today outside (he's an outside boy) I discovered he was limping pretty badly.  We can't find a thing wrong with him and he doesn't seem to be in any pain whatsoever..so we're going to give it a few days and thought it would be a good idea if he rested indoors so as to not try to overdo it!  Lately he had gotten into the habit of getting up onto one of our smaller buildings that contains our well (think Snoopy).  So we're thinking he may have possibly sprained a muscle jumping off the building!  Please pray for our little guy!!

The one thing about my room I'm not crazy about is the use of 2 different types of paneling (can we say..YUCK! and 'what were the previous owners thinking?').  I'd love to paint this room but haven't been able to decide on a color for a couple reasons.  One..I don't want anything too dark b/c this room is the darkest room of the house (it gets the least amount of natural light)..and since I feel like I've used cream in enough rooms of the house already..I really don't want do paint this room that color!  The second reason..if we ever have a little "bundle of joy"..this room will probably be his/her room..so I have that to think about as well!  Any suggestions?

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  In case you've missed any of my previous posts of the home tour, you can still check out the Master Bedroom, Living Areas, and Kitchen/Dining Rooms!  Hope to see you next week!



  1. Oh, poor Thomas! I hope he gets better soon! Chester had a sprain once and was limping around, but they just gave him some muscle relaxers, and it works itself out.- I love that you get to look out the window from your sewing table. Bet that's relaxing! It's also a fabulous idea to have your dressing table in there - so as not to disturb hubby. That's very thoughtful. I'm off to try on bridesmaids dresses today! Should be fun! Talk to ya later...

  2. how awesome that you both have your own rooms for all of your stuff!! i'm loving that you have a sewing machine table!!
    Poor kitty-I hope he feels better soon : (
    Thanks for joining the tour!!


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